A dash a day keeps odors away!TM
Stop Trash Odors!
New odor neutralizing product helps eliminate odors from home trash receptacles for fresher and extended use of garbage bags. Simply shake Trash Dash’s odor absorbing powder two or three times daily into any trash bag to neutralize smells and add a fresh scent to trash receptacles or recycling containers in between pick-ups. Trash Dash absorbs the odors that might otherwise attract pesky critters to containers set outdoors for trash removal.

The unique sodium bicarbonate-based product quickly captures and obliterates foul odors that lurk in home trash receptacles, and leaves behind a pleasant scent of Citrus Burst or Lavender Vanilla without killing bacteria necessary for natural trash decomposition.

Not only does Trash Dash offer a new way to maintain pleasant interior air quality, it also allows consumers to fill their expensive garbage bags to capacity without the worry of lingering trash odors in the home.

Be sure to try both scents
Citrus Burst
2 Bottles of Citrus Burst 8oz. each
Odor neutralizer
$8.49 for 2 bottles
Lavender Vanilla
2 Bottles of Lavender Vanilla 8oz. each.
Odor neutralizer
$8.49 for 2 bottles
Combo - Lavender Vanilla & Citrus Burst
2 Bottles of Trash Dash®
Odor neutralizer
Lavender Vanilla 8oz.
Citrus Burst 8oz.
$8.49 for 2 bottles